Project Description

Prestige Refrigerated Cabinets:

  • The new system of management of the electronic controller ensures easy and intuitive operation of the appliance with an interface in the user’s language and a range of personalisable programs
  • An optional feature also allows all functions to be controlled directly from a PC.
  • The quality of food products is assured by the HACCP functions supplied as standard, which make it possible to keep all types of potential alarm situations closely monitored, with clear and easily understandable information presented on the large LCD display; even in the event of a “core probes fault” the electronic card ensures the appliance will continue to operate correctly.
  • Prestige cabinets are designed to operated at up to +43°C (climate class).

Smart Line of Refrigerated Cabinets:

  • The new Smart line of refrigerated and storage cabinets we provide an answer to our customers’ needs for a reliable appliance that is easy to use, clean and maintain, in an offering that includes a generous range of different models.
  • The Smart range includes two different appliance depths (700 and 800 mm), two widths (700 and 1400 mm), dual temperature combination units, with solid or glazed doors, and either with cooling unit on board or arranged for use with remote condenser.
  • During the design stage we awarded extreme importance to environmental respect, as reflected in the use of ozone-friendly components and the achievement of reduced noise levels and power consumption, while still ensuring climate class “T” operation (+43°C).