Project Description

  • With the elegant design, these polished anodized alloy food slicers have guaranteed reliability, excellent performance and long life thanks to the choice of quality components used in fabrication.
  • The food supports mounted on self-lubricating bushings and ball bearings slide with the greatest of ease permitting the user to perfectly slice salamis, mature cheeses, fishes, meats, and other types of foods. The blade is made from long-life chrome-plated hardened and tempered special steel.
  • A highly sensitive cam mechanism permits the user to regulate the thickness slicing down to millimeters.
  • The Slicer’s are designed and manufactured conforming to the safety standards in force and have the following specifications:- 24V wiring and NVR device;- lower cover;- Plexiglas hand protection;- Microswitch mounted on blade protection;- Electronic push-button panel has a class IP 54 silicone protection;- Blade ring protection;- Mechanism for locking the trolley in place when removing the mobile block.