Project Description

The new Sirman Salamandra stands out due to a series of improvements, such as:- from the structural point of view, a new, thicker self-supporting stainless steel casing, completely welded, with the consequent elimination of the inside false frame so as to guarantee excellent mechanical strength, even when stressed by the cyclical thermal dilatations during cooking; – from the functional point of view, with the new built-in guide system for the sliding of the cover lifting bearings and the alignment of the counterweight, so as to guarantee easy adjustment of the height of the heating structure and excellent stability; – from the thermal point of view, cooking with shielded heaters that guarantee excellent reliability over time, with exceptional diffusion of the heat, thanks to the reflecting ceiling, the cooling of the hood and thus protection for the operator, based on the study of the heat flows and the creation of vent outlets.The tried-and-tested and reliable components are the same, electronic thermostat to control the power delivered, silicone internal cables for lasting resistance to mechanical and thermal stress, easily serviceable terminal block for the replacement of the cable or for changing the power supply from single-phase to three-phase, pressed shielded heaters with 1900 + 1900 W output to eliminate the burning of the heaters, and the internal wiring with silicone-glass leads featuring high resistance to mechanical and thermal stress.