Project Description

The Panasonic NE C1475 is far more than an excellent microwave oven, convection oven and grill all rolled into one. The Panasonic NE C1475 introduces you to a whole new way of cooking, and lets you choose to use each cooking method separately, in sequence or in combination to cook any type of dish in the shortest possible time and with the best possible results. The Panasonic NE C1475 really excels as a combination oven. With combination cooking, you can brown and crisp foods to get the same appetising results normally possible only with traditional cooking – but with a saving of 1/3 in cooking time.The Panasonic NE C1475 is designed and built to satisfy the needs of the professional caterer.
It is extremely reliable and can handle a high work load for many years with no drop in performance. There is no bulky turntable to take up valuable space in the cavity, leaving even more room available for large dishes. Because it can efficiently perform three tasks in one unit, the Panasonic NE C1475 is ideal for snack bars and all catering establishments where space saving a prime consideration. It can easily replace the salamander in large catering kitchens, and during slack periods can serve as a small convection fan oven in the place of bigger units with far higher energy consumption.