Project Description

Main Features

  • Temperature set-up from +30°C to +90°C, monitored through the digital display, allows to adjust temperature to the specific requirements of the hot dishes.
  • Trolley reaches set temperature of 90°C in approximately 35 minutes.
  • Heating via dry heat or moisturized air heating, which prevents food from drying out.
  • Capable of holding GN 2/1 and GN 1/1 containers or plates on grids (304 AISI stainless steel grids included).
  • Ergonomic handles to facilitate handling.
  • Complies with main international certification bodies and is CE marked.


  • Equipped with spiral cable.
  • Constructed in double-walled 304 AISI stainless steel with insulated panels.
  • Thick, all-round perimetral bumpers on sides, doors and handles to improve shock absorption.
  • Two fixed and two swivelling castors with brakes, all 125 mm in diameter.