Project Description

700/02 Serie:

  • Great module dimensions, (80 cm width by 70 cm depth);
  • Sturdiness of the structures, equal to those of the greater lines;
  • Possibility to combine the items both horizontally and vertically (top on bases) creating plenty of combinations;
  • Functionality grated by Olis long experience and by the achieved standards through the most severe test laboratories;
  • Reliability of the components, all of them selected among the best ones available in the market;
  • Ovens with GN 1/1 internal dimensions;
  • Easy cleanable items, thanks to all rounded corners and to the technical solutions taken in the most critical points.

900/04 Inno Serie:

  • Wide range of equipment and models with 80cm x 90cm wide module;
  • Strong structures guaranteed by the stainless steel construction;
  • Modularity offering the possibility of innumerable combinations;
  • Functionality guaranteed by the Olis multi annual experience and by the certifications obtained by the main national and international authorities;
  • Cooking surfaces with 10 kW interchangeable burners;
  • Optional surfaces with 20/10 thickness;
  • GN 2/1 ovens;
  • Easily cleaned basins thanks to their rounded edges.