Project Description

  • Quality is confirmed by a very high level of properties: perfection choosing materials, and the most reliable components, first-class performance, simplicity of use, easy cleaning at the end of the service, respect for the most severe regulations and safety rules.
  • Available in 10 different models (5 electric, 5 steam versions, with right or left basket exit), which include all the most recent improvements and progresses developed in such appliances.
  • It is possible to wash even trays 530×370 mm size, automatic working front access and inspection, economy rinse cycle devices that stop water output when the baskets are not in the rinse streams, double speed to clean the dirtiest dishes.
  • Double baskets feed according to dirtylevel (on 14 and 20 models), two filters in one tank, the possibility to deliver the machine disassembled, for easy transport, the micro has a limit stop device to interrupt the movement and stop the pumps, these are just some of the great features of this range intended for the most demanding of users.