Project Description

Main Features

  • One press ignition for precise control
  • Patent Environmental burner with energy saving design
  • Individual blower for powerful flame
  • Operational noise level <70dB(A))
  • Low CO emission (<0.01%)
  • Gas cutoff within 3s when pilot is off

Silent Features

Low noise level and saving energy are the main features of JAICO’s Chinese Gas Range. The new technology successfully solves the problem of loud operational noise, which improves the cooking environment for chefs.

Environmental Features

  • Save 28% of gas consumption
  • Insulated design for water saving
  • Opertaional noise level below 70dB(A)
  • Low CO emission (<0.01%)

Safety Features

  • Individual air blower
  • Electromagnetic valve flame failure device (i.e. gas cutoff <5s)